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Lynn's Test PLC

I am building a test panel of small PLC to regression test my coding on common small PLC serial protocols. Currently the panel is "manual", meaning I need to change cables by hand, but someone just gave me an old Mitsubishi PLC with 40 relay outputs so I plan to automate the PLC-to-DigiOneIA-RP selection. This way my python regression scripts can automatically select WHICH PLC is attached to the Unit-Under-Test.

Model: Protocol: Port Settings:
SE/Momentum M1 Modbus/RTU 9600,8,E,1
SE/Momentum M1E Modbus/TCP
AB/uLgx 1200 DF1 Full-Duplex 9600,8,N,1,CRC
S7-224 PPI 9600,8,N,1
AB/Pico ??? ???
Omron/CJ1M-CPU12 HostLink 9600,7,E,2
Mitz/FX1s-100MR FX ???